Saturday, May 28, 2011

Silvery Langur of Bako National Park.

We first met this charming creature along Lintang Trail on our way to find out where Teluk Assam trail. It was dark and they are too shy to take decent picture. But it's great to finally see a silvery langur female with her orange baby.

After the encounter at Lintang trail, we were excited to stumble upon a family of timid silvery langur at the mangrove. At first, we were worried if the monkeys gonna snatch our lunch like that the long-tailed macaque, turn out they didn't. They still eat whatever they eat in the wild.

Silvery langur is Old World monkeys and there are several different species of them. They live in family of harem with size up to 40 individuals, with one dominant male and a lots of mommies. Silvery langur babies born with orangey fur and white skin and it slowly turn darker to adult coloration when growing up.

Cute langur baby.

Gang of mommies

Justification for the pic below, how often you see langur poop? There.

As you can see in the video below, there's a particular monkey that seems comfortable around human, we think he's the dominant male, and I call him Mr Ambassador.

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Jiyuu said...

How often do you see langur poop?

Answer: Only when Nena takes a picture of it and posts it in her blog.

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