Monday, May 9, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Grafitti

This post is from my other blog. To keep my blogs organized, I'm gathering all post related to travel and trip to this blog.

Before anything, I like to apologize for the lack of beauty related post in my blog for the past few weeks. There are few good reasons (I'm not sure if any is actually a good excuse. Firstly, I got makeup withdrawal syndrome after trip from KK. Secondly, my skin tanned so much, the darkest foundation I have is too light! Thirdly, I'm so uninspired lately. I couldn't come up with anything like I did with the 80s or ganguro look. Lastly, my skin need a long recovery time. All the acne goes red and bumpy, I think snorkeling for more than 12 hours within 3 days is too much for my poor skin.

On our way to Jesselton Point from Masada Backpacker, we discover a site of partly demolished building covered with graffiti of all kind.

The site is just right in front of Suria Sabah Mall, few minutes walk from Jesselton Point. Since we were rushing to go to Manukan Island, we went back to the site to take picture only after we're back from the island.

This one in particular attract my attention the most. Compared to dozens other graffiti on that site, this one in particular is much darker in mood.

If not because we were so hungry, I think we would spend more time on that site admiring the graffiti and taking pics.

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