Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Mamutik Island

To redeem my disappointment of Manukan island, I went to Mamutik island on Monday (two days after Manukan). Initially, the choice is between Mamutik or Sapi. Considering Sapi island water goes very murky around noon, when the tide come in. I decided to try Mamutik.

Basically, the expenses is very similar with Manukan island. I brought my own food also this time.
Mamutik Island and its small jetty.
Eventho Mamutik is much smaller than Manukan, it have all the basic amenities. The restroom is actually much better than the one in Manukan!
I like Mamutik beach a lot better than Manukan. One of the reason is much less rubbish around here.

Sunbathers sunbathing under the hot sun.
There groups of people taking picture and video. Not really what it is for, but I'm liking that white hoodie.
The weather is pretty good. Hot and sunny. But around 2 pm, it was raining.
Parasailing! PARASAILING!!!! I really want to do it, but it is so expensive. RM140 or so for 15 minutes.
After some rest and an apple, I'm ready to continue snorkeling.
Snorkeling at Mamutik is a great experience for beginner like me (one who never see corals in its natural habitat). But the Italian couple that share the boat with us obviously not impressed, indifferent to the island. I bet the see something better somewhere else.

However, there are still lots of stuff to see, there's this one guy I greet randomly told me he saw a huge fish, like 1 metre long swimming next to him. I saw lots of different type of fish, of every color imaginable. And the best thing is swimming with the literaly swimming (or floating in my case) into a school of fish. I saw three jellyfish (which scared the hell out of me). I believe I got stung by few because I feel tiny jolt of something like eletric current. There corals also still in satisfactory condition. and I saw humungous sea slug! Oh, the Italian couple, they manage to see a blue spotted stingray.

But nothing beat this experience of being bitten by a coral parrotfish.
Yes. That fish, well, the one that look like the pic above bit me. My friends laugh when they saw the bite mark. You can actually see the mouth shape.

It started raining in Mamutik when this picture was taken, but as you can see, people still determined to go on with whatever they are doing. Well, that people includes me After moving my bag to the hut, I went on snorkelling. Luckily the visibility is still good enough eventho tide starts coming in and it's raining.

p/s: Thanks Arjun for the photos.

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Jiyuu said...

Ah, I miss the sea...Never noticed how much I loved the sea till I started living in a concrete jungle.

Oh, the ocean rolls us away, away, away...

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