Saturday, May 14, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Little Italy

Personally, one of the highlight (well, on the tummy side matter)of the KK trip is dinner at Little Italy. I always wanted to go there ever since the first time I read about it in a Pinay traveller blog, Paolo his name.
Little Italy is easy to find. If you managed to get your hand on the latest SabahTravelGuide.Com KK City Map, you'll find Little Italy marked at C3. Few minutes walk from Jesselton Point or Suria Sabah Mall, right under Hotel Capitol, it's located close to Wisma Sabah and Wisma Merdeka.

The menu. May look harmless. But intimidating if it's your first time in Italian restaurant. LOL. Maybe I'm just too bimbo-ish.

The interior and design of the restaurant definitely reminds me of Italy, with Zeus, Neptune and several other sculptures of Greek gods and goddess (I only saw one goddess). One wall is adorned with Fan Club of a sportsman (Valentino Rossi? Geez, I should wrote this post earlier). Lighting is low and warm, sadly, the airconditioner is too strong. We were freezing in the restaurant. Should have taken the seat outside.
Neptune accompany us for dinner.

The drink bar, I think.

The main reason why I really wanted to go to Little Italy is to try out their pizza. Specifically, the salmon pizza. However since majority vote for Carnivora (basic pizza topped with beef bacon, turkey ham, beef salami, onions and pineapple), we had that instead. Let me tell you this, the crust is perfection! I'm maybe the weird one, but for pizza, I don't really care about the topping. For me, it is all about the crust. Well, this pizza crust is the best I ever had (I haven't tried much pizza), it's crisp and thin and smells nice and yummy. Man, this is why I would never write a food blog. I don't think I can do enough justice in describing how good the pizza is. But, Paolo blog describes it very well.

Note to self: Next visit to KK must have salmon pizza!

Ordering pasta intimidates me a little because of the huge variety of pasta available and so many choices of sauces and serving that it overwhelmed our group. We ended up asking for recommendation from the wait staff. While the meal consist of pasta, and I just noticed that all of us ordered spaghetti. We drink lemon iced tea, soy drink and soda fizz. Well, not like we can drink wine! I simply can't and the other can't afford it. It's freaking RM200 or so per glass!

Mind you, name of Italian dishes is exotic enough that I have to wiki all pasta dishes to refresh my memory and to get the spelling right.

Farhan amatriciana spaghetti. He's not that impressed, but he gave 8/10 if I remember correctly.

Arjun meatball bolognese. He's the most carnivore in the group (he doesn't eat vege or fruit), so he was very pleased with the generous amount of meatball in his pasta dish.

Jerry had fettuccine alfredo except the fettuccine is spaghetti instead. He said it taste nice for few bites, more than that, makes him feel sick. Could be that it's too rich with cheese and butter. Well, it's alfredo!

My spaghetti marinara. I really enjoy this meal. The menu describes it to contain prawns, shrimps, clams and New Zealand mussels. As you can, it also have some calamari in.

An obligatory group photo before the meal.

The damages range from RM42 to RM49. For me, its RM42 well spent. For my friends, I can see that it's a waste of money for them. It really depends. If you are as crazy like me about pizza crust, you might enjoy the pizza. The pasta is like Paolo said "above average", in my case, the best I'd ever taste. Oh my, I really need to try more Italian food.

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