Wednesday, May 18, 2011

KK Trip Diary: BB Cafe

We found the place randomly, while we were on our way to Suria Sabah Mall to watch movie. Captured by the laidback environment, we promised ourselves to go there the next night for dinner, and that we did and we did that two nights in a row.
BB Cafe is something I would describe as 'open air pub'. Right next to BB Cafe is Sugarbun Restaurant.

The band performing at BB Cafe. They have two singers and a keyboardist that work with his small laptop. The band is very minimal, but they performed ok. The keyboardist really impressed me. I request for any Beatles song and he sang 'Come Together'

Group photo.

Nearby are two backpacker lodge namely Rainforest Lodge and Summer Lodge. I imagine it can be annoying if you try to sleep early because the performance begins around 8pm to 12 midnight. Due to its proximity to backpacker lodges, it also the place you see a lot of chilling out.

The pastas both Farhan and Arjun ordered. This one is from Sugarbun. So-so according to Farhan.

Teriyaki Chicken Set for Jerry.

BBQ Chicken Wings. This chicken wings roasted to perfection. So yummy that I ordered this two nights in a row.

My favourite drink. Iced Lemon Tea

Enjoying the meal.

After we finished our meal. We move to the seat closer to the band.

The band rest after 45 minutes or so for 15 minutes. So between sets, our group become engrossed calculating our spendings and making sure it still within budget.

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