Monday, May 9, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Jesselton Point

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Jesselton Point (named after the city former name) is the location for Kota Kinabalu ferry service terminal to Labuan and the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.
Within the ticketing hall, the wall is decorated with old pictures of Jesselton Point. These pictures taken when we went there for Manukan Island which is on Saturday. The place is hot and crowded with people.

On the way to the motorboats

Jesselton Point view from the boat.

Besides ferry service, Jesselton Point is also a great place to hang out with lots of restaurants lining up along the area. If the weather is good, you might also have the chance to watch the sun set against Gaya Island.
The large building in the background is Suria Sabah Mall.

Enjoying air kelapa after snorkeling whole day. The coconut was too young that there not much flesh and the water is almost tasteless.

Obligatory camwhoring

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