Monday, May 9, 2011

KK Trip Diary: One Week To Go

This post is from my other blog. To keep my blogs organized, I'm gathering all post related to travel and trip to this blog.

One week before the trip, we decide to rearrange the trip to suit others time and to suit the rescheduled flight.

21st April (Thursday)
-Flight from KCH for L,F, and J.
-Sleep at airport.

22nd April (Friday)
-Flight from KL for A.
-Meet up at Masada Backpackers.
-Green Connection (Around 10.30am or 11am)
-Aquarium and Marine Museum (If sempat)

23rd April (Saturday)
-Manukan Island!!!!
-Pasar Malam Sinsuran

24th April (Sunday)
-Kinabalu Park, leave as early as possible.

25th April (Monday)
-Explore KK Town
*might want to add extra 1 night at Masada.

26th April (Tuesday)
-6am take taxi to airport
-8am adios KK, Hello KCH.

Budget minimum around RM500

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