Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teluk Assam, Bako National Park

If you happened to arrive at Bako National Park during low tide, the boat most probably won't be able to reach the jetty, and you have to wet your feet and walk along the beach of Teluk Assam to go to the park headquarters. This view of eroded limestone will greet you at the moment you arrived at Teluk Assam.

This is a picture of the mangrove along Teluk Assam, here you can see a lot of catfish, mudskipper and fiddler's crab.

Bell was excited because it was her first time flying a kite properly. 

It was jellyfish season when we went there, and we found this poor stranded jellyfish while strolling along Teluk Assam waiting for sunset.

Don't you feel like singing Hakuna Matata whenever you see this kind of animal. It's a bearded pig, largest mammal in Bako National Park. This picture was taken near dusk, close to the canteen.

Below are series of amazing view of Mount Santubong from Teluk Assam at different time.



Another picture from Teluk Assam showing the orange glow of sunset and beautiful full moon.
Sunrise at Teluk Assam.

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