Monday, May 9, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Night Markets

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Right in the centre of KK city, hundreds of stalls open at night in few different places selling diverse array of items from souvenir to food in the night markets. Two markets that we had visited during our trip are Kampung Air Night Market and Sinsuran Night Market.

These two night markets is within walking distance from Masada Backpacker
The two picture, above and below taken at Kampung Air Night Market. The pearls and crystals jewellery were the most common item seen in the night market.

Some pirated items, must-have of night markets anywhere in Malaysia.

Pasar Ikan Masin (Literally Salted Fish Market). Right next to Handicraft Market or Filipino Market, there assorted of dried seafood on sale. From anchovies to tiny shrimps.

Sinsuran Night Market.

While most seafood priced reasonably, tiger prawn was RM25 each. *Gasp* so expensive!

The place was crowded eventho it's hot and dirty. Very dirty. At the edge of the market, you can actually see rats scurrying around.

Before and after dinner.

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