Monday, May 9, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Waterfront

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One thing I really love about KK is the awesome waterfront. It's really alive with all sort of activities. From night clubs to night markets, the waterfront have pretty much everything. During our trip in KK, I think we manage to go to the waterfront everynight. Be it for meal or just a walk.
The scene from KK waterfront is really nice. You can see the actually see the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park from the waterfront. That's how close the islands are.
There are many interesting eateries, pubs and club lining up throughout the stretch of the waterfront. Most centralised at the Waterfront Esplanade.

Of course, we didn't missed out the chance to camwhoring and taking group pictures.

The day before we leave KK, we luckily have the chance to see this awesome sunset on our to the Filipino Market from Jesselton Point.
The islands you can see here are (from right to left), Gaya, Sapi and Manukan.

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