Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After Bako

I'm in love with Bako National Park. 2 days 1 night is not enough to enjoy Bako. 16 jungle trails that leads to plateau, beach, viewpoints, capes or hills. Amazing diversity of wildlife. Annoying macaque that try to steal your food, Proboscis that steals your heart (they are freaking cute!) and adorable silvery langur that charm you with their shyness (and orange babies). Not to forget bearded wild boar that makes you want to sing Hakuna Matata whenever they're around. So much to tell which means series of Bako posts will start soon.

As far as money concern, I'd spend way beyond the budget range. I expected to spent around RM80-100. But I end up spend RM127.30. It was mainly because we don't have people to share boat rides and room fee and we splurged on meals. More details on that later as I planned to do detailed post on spending.

View of Mount Santubong from Teluk Assam, Bako National Park

During Bako Trip, I learn more about efficient backpacking. I don't actually need a lot of stuff and some stuff just takes so much space and pretty much useless (keropok and stuffs like that). I also learn that harmless splurging on small treats easily accumulated to regrettable overspending. I also learn that at times, being spontaneous helps me having more fun in such a short period of time

p/s: I still have quiet a few posts for KK Trip Diary, so I guest I'm gonna have both series running at the same time. If possible, I try to post daily, maybe two post a day. A lot catch-up need to be done.

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