Friday, May 20, 2011

Spending during Bako Trip

I really like to start proper post for Bako trip today. However, I haven't edit the pictures yet, so I guess I would start with something that I already have, which is the list of spending during the trip. Initial budget planned was between RM80 (if 4 people joined the trip) to RM100 (if only 2 people join). Total spending for Bako Trip is RM127.30. RM27.30 overspending was mainly because I splurged on food and drink and boat ride to view the sea stacks.

Transportation accounts for almost 50% (RM63) of the spending. Lodging ~17% (RM21.20), Food and Drinks ~29% (RM36.90) and etc ~5% (RM6.20).

For lodging, we rented one hostel room for 4 person for RM42.40 (split with Bella, RM21.20) since we're not sure how many people gonna join the trip. I could save RM5.30 if we're rent a bed for each (RM15.90) instead of the whole hostel room.

I splurge a lot on food and drinks. For example, I bought 4.5litres mineral water (RM7.20) when I could bought drinking water for RM4.50. Aside from that, I also bought a lot of unnecessary junk foods and too heavy breakfast that accounts for RM 13.70.

Bus ride from Kuching to and fro Kampung Bako costs RM3.50 one way. Boat ride from Kampung Bako to and fro Teluk Assam, Bako National Park cost RM47 per boat, or RM9-RM10 each if you got at least 6 people sharing the boat. To Teluk Assam, we paid RM10 and back to Kampung Bako, we paid RM23.50 per person as they are only two people. We splurged on boat ride from Teluk Pandan Kecil (cost RM45 which I split with Bell) to view Tajor Beach, Teluk Pandan Besar, Tanjung Rhu, Sea Stacks and back to HQ at Teluk Assam.

Lastly, I spent RM1.20 for kite (pretty one) and RM5 (student rate) for the park entrance fee.

Below is the details of the spending
Lodging                           (RM42.40/2) RM21.20
Snack                              RM6
Bottled Water                  RM7.20
Chocolate                        RM4.80
Kite                                 RM1.20
Breakfast                         RM6.40
Bus to Bako                    RM3.50
Park Fee                         RM5
Boat to HQ                     RM10
Dinner                             RM6.50
Boat from Pandan to HQ (RM45/2) RM22.50
Lunch                              RM6
Boat to Kpg Bako           (RM47/2) RM23.50
Bus to Kch                      RM3.50
TOTAL                          RM127.30

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