Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boat Ride from Kampung Bako to Teluk Assam, Bako National Park.

To go to Bako National Park, we took Rapid Kuching Bus 1, in front of Elektra House. The bus schedule is hourly from early morning until around 5 pm. The last bus stop is at Kampung Bako, right in front Bako National Park Terminal. At the terminal, we were ask for our accommodation permit and paid RM5 (student price) for the park fee. After that, we hop on the speed boat to Bako N.P. Headquarters at Teluk Assam.
Kampung Bako

Excited that the weather was good and the tide was not too low.

The boat ride was easier and the waves were calm. A friend of mine complaint that during his boat ride to Bako, the waves is so large and the boat shook so much that his backside become numb.

Enjoying the view of the mangrove.

'Kelong' like stuffs. Basically, it's a bamboo structure where the fisherman hang the net to catch fish.

Teluk Assam.

The boat we taken happen to have quite large engine that the boat ride seems so short.

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