Monday, May 9, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Shopping Malls

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First day in the city was mainly for getting used with the road and discovering places. After we meet up Arjun who just arrived from Kuala Lumpur, we walk around Wawasan Plaza and went to Guardian as Jerry wanted to buy toothpaste and shampoo. I bought aloe vera after sun gel as I was expecting my skin to dry up or something.
After that, we walk to Centre Point. KK city is very centralised, pretty much everything within walking distance.
Centre Point I believed used to be the largest shopping mall. The place is quite huge and quite a few interesting stores. Most importantly, they got Daiso here! Hahahah, I'm so addicted to Daiso.
That's Arjun and I. The headband I'm using was from Daiso, bought few minutes before this picture taken.

There's a store called Kaison that sells home decor. Unlike Home & Living in Kuching, Kaison have large range of unexpensive decor. It have range that appeal younger demographic too. Home & Living decor IMO is to 'show off' decor with expensive crystals and stuffs.

After Centre Point, we went to Masada Backpacker. After a shower and change to fresh clothes, we walk to Warisan Plaza and took a shuttle to 1Borneo.
Boasting to be the 'Largest Lifestyle Hypermall', our thinks that 1Borneo is the biggest disappointment. Farhan have such a high expectation for the mall, but it turn out that The Spring in Kuching, which is far smaller is more exciting. The interior of the mall is pretty boring, it looked like as if the opening of the mall was rushed.

We haven't had lunch yet and the first place we're looking for was eateries. It was so hard to find, the map doesn't indicate were we could find food. We just walk aimlessly until we found a restaurant.
The restaurant was the second disappointment that day as most of the food doesn't taste nice, Jerry's rice wasn't fully cook, Farhan's chicken was so bland and Arjun's marmite chicken was horribly salty.
I'm turn out to be lucky one since the porridge I ordered was actually good!
We walk around the mall and I found a dress that looks very nice, but sadly, it was too long...or more like I'm too short.
I don't think anyone bought anything from the mall. We left 1Borneo, took public bus back to Wawasan Plaza and went on to the waterfront.

To be continued...

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