Monday, May 9, 2011

KK Trip Diary: Kota Kinabalu at a glance.

Phew, finally I have the energy to actually blog. I brought my laptop to KK with a plan to update my blog during the trip after each day ends. But as you can see, I didn't do that at all. So little time and so many things to do, I end up being too tired to do anything by the time we reach the backpacker lodging.

For those leaving comments in this blog while I'm away, thank you very much, I'd read em all, but didn't reply since my brain was too slow to reply.

For the next few days, I would stop writing beauty related post (there are another two scheduled post to go) and focusing on 'KK Trip Diary'. I have so much to share that one or two post is not enough. Let's start with a glance of KK during the trip.

We spent the first night at KK in the Terminal 2 KKIA, and leave as early as 7am to Masada Backpacker, since we couldn't check in yet, we just leave our bags in the store room and went ahead for breakfast.

We then meet up Arjun who just arrived from Kuala Lumpur and explore the city a bit. Around noon, we went back to the backpacker to check in and leave for 1Borneo.

After disappointing visit to 1Borneo, we went to the KK waterfront and having fun camwhoring. The water is unbelievably clear. There are so many interesting restaurants and pub/lounge along the waterfront.

At night, we went to Sinsuran Night Market for dinner. All in all, we paid RM9 per person for the dinner.

My nail for the KK trip. I end up scratching the nail polish off by the second day.

On the second day, we went to Manukan Island and it was my first time snorkeling! I don't know how to swim, so I have to use life jacket. Sadly, most of the coral were dead, I bet mostly because it was all trampled by the island visitors.

After Manukan Island, we stopped by at an area of partly demolished building near Wisma Sabah (I think so). The place full of interesting graffiti.

I had the best spaghetti marinara at Little Italy
The next day, we went to The Green Connection. That Monty wrapped around me in the picture above. She's TGC inhabitant for 10 years. She was actually hatched at TGC! Besides Monty, visitors was also introduced to The Gentlemen, Gangster, Big Show Off, Angelina Jolie and Little Sister.

I had this awesome BBQ Chicken Wings at BB Cafe for two nights in a row.

I went snorkeling again at Mamutik Island to redeem my disappointment of Manukan Island. The corals here are better and there are better marine life diversity in Mamutik Island.

The last dusk in KK, we finally managed to grab the chance to watch a sunset. There's a rabbit and monkey in the sunset pic!

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