Monday, May 9, 2011

Trip to Sungai Ranchan and Lunch at Kim Bay

This post is from my other blog. To keep my blogs organized, I'm gathering all post related to travel and trip to this blog.

Yesterday, Bella, Jong Jen and I went to Sungai Ranchan. It was about 50 minutes drive from Kota Samarahan.
It was my first time at Ranchan. It's a beautiful place with lush green scenery and beautiful clear river. We spent good 3 hours there.
After Ranchan, we went to The Spring and had our lunch at Kim Bay Restaurant.
I had Lemon Tea. RM3.90

Bella had Longan Milk. RM 5.30

Jong Jen had Mix Fruit Ice with Ice Cream.  RM 5.30

This Lo Mai Kai is not bad at all. The glutinous rice is just nice. The filling includes chicken meat, shitake mushroom, salted egg yolk and salted dried shrimp. RM3.80 for two.

Jong Jen had Dumpling Noodle Soup. It looks so yummy. RM6.90

I'd Beef Mushroom Steamed with Rice. I'm a lil disappointed because this dish a little to dry even tho it was steamed.

Lastly, Bella had this awesome Cheese Baked Rice with Seafood and Mushroom. RM15.90

We went for a makeover at Shu Uemura and I went on hauling some stuffs. Read more about it here

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